OPENING of LLGC Paurotis Pool, Tennis/Pickleball and Bocce Courts Wednesday June 3rd at 8am

Hurricane Preparation Information

In Florida hurricane season is from May 1 to November 30, with the height of the season typically being September and October.

Please click below to view or download important hurricane preparedness information:

- Plan in advance, if you will be away or are physically unable, to have shutters closed or installed. Management does not provide this service. 
- Stock up on water, non-perishable food items, batteries, make sure your flashlights are in working order, have generators serviced and checked to be operational, and have first aid kit on hand. 
- Have an emergency evacuation family plan in place. Be sure you can easily access important documents to bring with you upon evacuation. 
- Have your shutters serviced; check your hardware, lubricate if necessary, to promote for easy installation and eliminate delay of installation in time of emergency. 
The storm is heading in your direction, before you go or hunker down.... 
- Remove all patio furniture, wind chimes, grills, lawn ornaments, and other loose items, and secure them in doors. 
- Have cash on hand. 
- Fill gas tanks in all vehicles. 
- Be sure to charge all cell phones and laptops, and install an adapter in your vehicle for charging accessibility in the event there is loss in power. 
- Make note, many phones can be plugged in to your laptop via USB, to allow internet access via personal hotspot, so to have easy access to the internet for updates on the storm and emergency services available in your area. 
- Fill coolers with ice. 
- Secure all doors and windows. 
- Open gates for easy ingress and egress. 
- Provide Board's with option to sign agreement with landscaping and supply applicable retainers if opted in, to provide emergency service in the event a large tree falls and blocks the road way, etc. 
- Secure common areas; (I.E. pool furniture, tennis court nets and wind screens, unplug computers, etc.) 
- Will conduct an inspection following the storm, taking pictures for insurance purposes if applicable. 
- Electronic communication via email distribution and/or community websites, as much as able, prior to and following the storm. 
- Make calls to utility company to prepare lift stations.