OPENING of LLGC Paurotis Pool, Tennis/Pickleball and Bocce Courts Wednesday June 3rd at 8am

Lost Lake Committees



The Architectural Review Committee’s Mission is to prepare, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, promulgate design and development guidelines and application and review procedures.  

Our Community is governed through Covenants, By-Laws and ARC Rules, Restrictions and Standards. These documents provide a process for operating the Lost Lake Property Owner’s Association so that our community functions in an orderly and legal manner with standards and restrictions governing the use of the Properties.  

The ARC Rules, Restrictions and Standards in addition to the other Documents, provides for regulations and use restrictions, binding on all Owners and occupants, to maintain, protect and preserve our community and it’s unique lifestyle. A gated, Covenants governed community, necessitates a certain degree of standardization to preserve the tranquility, protect property values, and promote harmony among residents.  

Applications for changes to the exterior of your home and Owner’s landscaping are available at the LLGC office or from your individual HOA ARC member. Please submit your application for changes or modifications by the Friday prior to the ARC meeting date.  

Please take time to read all of these documents to become an informed Owner and resident. These documents are for our Owner’s protection and to maintain our wonderful community lifestyle.  

The ARC meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Main Pool from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (except for the months of July and August). All residents are welcome to attend the meeting.  



When communities like ours are built, a master plan is developed which incorporates “retention ponds” (which we commonly refer to as “Lakes”) that are part of an overall “Irrigation Drainage System” throughout the entire planned development to handle run-off of rain from homes, driveways, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and grass areas around our homes, common areas, and the golf course. This is accomplished by an intricate system of interconnected piping that acts much like the plumbing systems in our homes. Occasionally, these lines can get plugged and not function as designed, causing back-ups and many other potentially bad and/or unhealthy problems. 

We’re guessing some of you don’t know that all the water that runs off our roofs, down our driveways/sidewalks into the street gets fed right into our “retention ponds” (i.e. Lakes) via the gutters leading to the drain grates located in all our streets. In addition to all rain water (good water), any/all water from our outside hose bibs also ends up in the retention ponds, along with anything else that may get rinsed down the gutter with this water (leaves, soaps, fertilizers, cleaning chemicals, etc.), some of which can contribute negatively to the health of the ponds, affecting the quality of aquatic life that lives there (fish and plants), eventually resulting in unwanted events and unhealthy pond water (fish kills/midge flies). Remember – our irrigation system is fed from this water source, so this water ends up on our lawns and plants, and when these ponds are “sick”, it can result in foul odors being detected from our sprinklers at times. 

I’m sure everyone who lives in our community is very proud of how nice it looks and how well it is maintained. Those items most visible (landscaping, home exteriors, streets/sidewalks) are easy to see and are the first to get attention and dollars to keep looking good. But others are not so easy to see and can get forgotten or neglected when it comes to keeping healthy and in good working order. 

Your Board has appointed a committee (the Lakes, Irrigation and Storm Water Management Committee) to look into both issues - keeping the “plumbing system” working as originally designed and improving the quality of the water in our ponds. 

Properly maintaining the overall “Irrigation Drainage System” the Committee has developed a “Plan of Acton” to address these issues in phases. Improving our water quality is being addressed using “aeration systems” which are the accepted best practice solution to keeping water in retention ponds healthy by introducing more oxygen into the water which supports all aquatic life. 

It is important for all owners to better understand the irrigation and drainage issues facing our community.  Thereby, you are better informed on the reasons for the upcoming maintenance of, and future improvements to, the irrigation Drainage System of these “common property” areas of Lost Lake. 

If you wish to learn more you are welcome to attend our monthly Committee meetings (see calendar).


A committee of community residents whose goal is to improve the services the community receives by meeting to discuss the on-going maintenance of our landscaping.

Landscape services: mowing and fertilizing grass, shrubs and trees; weed control; pest control; trimming of trees and shrubs and irrigation.

Lost Lake has contracted with BrightView Landscape Services for landscaping and irrigation services through 2023. Please address any questions or comments relating to landscaping to your HOA Director or your HOA Landscape Representative on this Committee.

This committee meets the 1st Tuesday of each month from 9:30 AM, at the Paurotis Pool area. All residents are welcome to attend.